About Us

PT Surabaya Indah Permai (SIP) was established in 1992, producing a range of ‘Indonesian traditional medicated oils’ under brand name Gading and Safe Care. In 2006, Safe Care was launched as the first Minyak Angin Aromatherapy roll on oil in Indonesia.  This new innovation was accepted by various profiles of consumers - be it regular users of medicated oils, as well as those who were straying away from traditional medicated oils.  

SIP has been ISO 9001:2015 certified and also Halal certified by LPPOM MUI (Indonesian Ulema Council).  Sticking by SIP’s commitment to continuously innovate useful and valuable products, we hope to keep expanding our network of relations all over the world.  

Our Vision
“To become a company that contribute to the society globally, with products proudly made in Indonesia“

Our Mission
- To make products with international standards quality
- To expand sales and distribution, which create work opportunities and income within the supply chain system
- To keep innovating various products that are useful and valuable for consumers all over the world.

Safe Care - #1st Aromatherapy

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Admin. Eksport Import

  1. Maximum age 30 years
  2. Min 2 years experience
  3. Understand exim related documents
  4. Understand letter of credit (L/C)
  5. Able to speak English (both spoken and written)

Job description:
  1. Doing administration (export/import) documents)
  2. Coordinate with other teams
  3. Recap export/import sales data
  4. Coordinate with logistics parties regarding shipment
  5. Support export managers in sales and marketing
Can be emailed to: [email protected] Applications be received no later than February 02, 2024

Contact Us

PT Surabaya Indah Permai (Manufacturing Company)

Head Office

Jl. Kalibader Selatan 14, Taman, Sidoarjo
Jawa Timur, Indonesia 61257

Phone : +62 (0) 31 - 788 1263
Fax : 031 - 788 2543

PT Global Success Chain (Distribution Company)

Head Office

Jl. Panjang Jiwo Permai III No. 30, Panjang Jiwo, Tenggilis Mejoyo, Surabaya
Jawa Timur, Indonesia 60299

Phone : +62 (0) 31 - 848 0168
Fax : 031 - 842 0108

Representative Office

Ruko Golden Boulevard Blok Q-43
BSD City - Tangerang, Indonesia

Phone : +62 (0) 21 - 537 9335

Proposal for below the line promotion : [email protected]

Proposal for above the line promotion : [email protected]

Overseas : [email protected]

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